New Murder Mystery Unveiled!

Any James Bond acolytes out there? Any fans of the movie Deliverance? Ever wonder what it might be like if Bond was dropped into one of those canoes in Deliverance? Maybe sipping shaken martinis between Jon Voight and Ned Beatty?

Hard to envision, I know. But I made an attempt (sort of) in my latest book, called Black Jackknife: A Nick Montaigne Mystery, my first attempt at fiction. I’m not presuming to imply my main character stacks up with an Ian Fleming creation, nor that my Georgia Appalachian Trail murder site can rival the harrowing, claustrophobic Southern woods feel of Deliverance. But I think my book has at least a few good moments.

Intrigued? Cool! I’d love for you to read BJ and let me know your thoughts. Just click the link below or top right for either a paperback or ebook copy. It might make a great Christmas present for someone…including yourself!

And I’ll tell you what: to sweeten the pot, I’ll mail a free updated paperback copy of my hiking memoir Evergreen Dreaming to the first reader who correctly guesses the identity of the killer (or killers) BEFORE chapter 18. No cheating, now!

Lastly, I welcome reviews of BJ on either Amazon or Goodreads, either positive or negative. Even if only a few words. (“Thumbs up,” “Best book I ever read,” “Only book I ever read,” “Beats a sharp stick in the eye”…whatever.)

Hope you enjoy my book. And thanks, fellow Longitudinals!

Here’s the link:

17 thoughts on “New Murder Mystery Unveiled!

  1. I have ordered the book Peter. I can’t wait to see what you have created in your COVID-induced free time. I need a mystery book too read, so thanks. I even know the author!

  2. Congratulations, Pete! I will definitely read the novel!

    Hope you and yours are holding up in this weird time.


  3. Love that cover Pete. Hey, I already read it (And so did my Gal).We both enjoyed it and will be waiting for Nick’s next job. Already guessing where that will take him. Real good work fella and congrats for seeing it through. So much to like. Later. CB

    • Glad you guys liked it, CB, and as always thanks for “everything.” Waiting on a shipment, and once it arrives will send a signed copy. Not that my John Hancock means anything…unless Scorsese decides to do something with Nick!

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